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Our Services 

Comprehensive Strategies, Personalized Solutions

Retirement Planning

  • Retirement Income Planning
  • Goal Setting, Projections, and Recommendations
  • Review & Maximize Social Security Benefit Options
  • Choices for Retirement Plans at a Former Employer
  • Required Minimum Distributions and Withdrawal Strategies
  • IRA Contributions and Conversions
  • Retirement Plans for Small Businesses

Investment Advisory & Portfolio Management

  • Personalized Asset Allocation & Portfolio Customization
  • Ongoing Risk Tolerance Assessment & Investment Reviews
  • Tax Loss Harvesting to Offset Gains
  • Alternative & Structured Investments
  • Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) 
  • Environmental, Social, Governance Investing (ESG) 

Estate & Legacy Planning

  • Fundamental Estate Plan Document Review (Living Will, Power of Attorney, Healthcare Proxy, etc)
  • Wealth Transfer Strategies
  • Proper Beneficiary Designation and Guardians for Minor Children
  • Living Trusts & Becoming a Trustee
  • Charitable Giving Solutions and Donor Advised Funds
  • Managing Your Inheritance

Risk Management & Insurance

  • Insurance Needs Assessment
  • Family Income & Asset Protection
  • Review of Exsisting Life Insurance Policies
  • Rising Healthcare Costs & Long-Term Care Planning
  • Transferring Your Estate
  • Business Protection & Succession Planning

Liquidity & Cash Flow Analysis

  • Review Expenses, Income Sources and Create a Household Budget
  • Address Large Financial Decisions 
  • Review Interest and Dividend Income Payment Options
  • Security Backed Lending and Lines of Credit 

Income Tax Planning 

  • Review Cost Basis & Estimate Capital Gain Tax
  • Tax Loss Harvesting to Offset Gains
  • Loss Carry Forward
  • Potential Roth Conversions 
  • Review Income Tax Withholdings 
  • Tax Deferral & Tax Efficient Investing 

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